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hey glam doll!
I'm angelica.

I help lash artists expand their part-time side hustle into a full time career making 6 figures.


I started my lash business 3 years ago and it literally changed my entire life. I was working in a call center doing customer service, I hated it. I was always getting yelled at by customers and was getting minimum wage. This was so emotionally, mentally and physically draining. The whole environment was so low vibe. The people I was surrounded with including my coworkers weren’t driven; the energy rubbed off. I was so unmotivated, depressed, and discouraged. I had lost hope for my future.

One day after a long hard gloomy day of work, I was scrolling on Instagram and stumbled upon something, that changed my path forever. I seen women in other cities around my age, 20 21 22 starting lash businesses, making 6 figures, living their best life, traveling, having fun in the fanciest cars, clothes, houses, AT 20 YEARS OLD!  If it was possible for them, it was possible for me too.

I set out to learn whatever I needed to learn,  so I can live this lifestyle and become independent myself too. Immediately after, I sought out my certification, worked on my lash skills and figured out how to market myself effectively on Instagram. I kept practicing. I kept learning. Even though I was flooded with self doubt, I kept pushing.

After 3 months of getting my marketing right, I had enough money to move out of the shared run down apartment I was living in and get my own luxury apartment AND quit my job. I was only 20 years old. I was also able to get my own brand new car! I was ECSTATIC. And then my business kept growing every month. Eventually, hit 100k after just one year of being in business after I finally figured out how to take better photos of my work and use Instagram correctly and strategically for my lash business.

Instagram and lash extensions literally changed my entire life, and now I want to help other lash artists to grow and change theirs too.


I wrote a short book sharing my top Instagram marketing secrets for lash salons who want to hit 6 figures, which is available for purchase by clicking here. I also have a FREE group on Facebook you can join called “Lash Industry Secrets” so join today!

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